Here at Juice Brewery the goal is simple...

“to offer a delicious way of integrating plant based health into a busy lifestyle”.

About Juice Brewery

Juice Brewery was launched by partners AJ and Louis in September 2020 just outside of Canterbury, Kent. 

Like everyone, we have had many challenges over the past 2 years. We were homeschooling 3 children during the first lockdown having lost all of our means of income and we then lost our home. Throughout all of the stress and uncertainty, juicing helped to keep our minds clear and focused. We were able to use our skills from our professional backgrounds in Journalism (AJ) and Photography (Louis) to create an online business that was centred on our passion for cold pressed juice.

We then spent the next few months; planning, devising flavours, taste testing, market research, taking photos, finding suppliers, logo design, sourcing packaging, designing our website, writing copy, contacting food bloggers and the list goes on…And all of this was done in our tiny kitchen! This is when Juice Brewery was born.

For us, juicing is more than just enjoying the super yummy flavours (although that is a massive bonus!), it’s a way of life. A way of making sure our children are getting enough nutrients. A way of managing Louis Crohn's Disease symptoms. A way of keeping our energy levels up so that we can cope with the pressures and stresses of a busy lifestyle. A way of avoiding cold and flu. A way of staying fit and healthy. A way to keeping sane in the midst of a global pandemic…

And that is the ideology that has driven the Juice Brewery ethos.

Join the hundreds of happy customers that Juice Brewery has helped thrive thanks to the power of cold pressed. 

We are ready to help you on your journey to healthy.

AJ and Louis, The Juice Brewery Team 


5 Star Hygiene Rating ★★★★★

We work hard to maintain our standards and we are proud of the results.

The founders

After having her first child in 2011, AJs interest in healthy living, alternative therapies and healing became even more prominent. In a bid to keep herself and her family in optimal health: she removed all chemicals and processed foods from her and her families diets. Making all of her own cleaning products, juices, smoothies, broths and trying new diets such as Weston A Price, paleo and vegan, trying in vain to find something that complimented her beliefs and had a measured effect on the way she and her family felt. After her first juice cleanse in 2012 it was clear that she had found the missing piece and she was converted to the power of juice; becoming an advocate for juicing and the positive effects it has on your wellbeing, long term health and even your mental health.

Louis was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2014 and was advised to overhaul his lifestyle in order to reduce symptoms and regain his health. This is when Louis started to take affirmative action; he cut out the junk food, reduced his alcohol intake and turned to an anti inflammatory diet. He started to see a dramatic change, the biggest change came when he embarked on his first 3 day juice cleanse. After this, he was convinced of the positive effects that juicing can have on health and even in reversing the effects of inflammatory diseases.

Why is juicing good for you?

Juicing removes all of the non absorbable properties of fruit and vegetables, leaving behind a fully bio available elixir that is easily absorbed and digested in the body. Meaning that your body can benefit from all the nutrition without any of the strain on your digestive system.

Every drop of cold pressed goodness is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, enabling us to access the power of nature to help boost immunity, fight infection and reduce the risk of certain diseases. Drinking cold pressed enables you to drastically increase your nutrient intake on a daily basis, leading to all round better health.

  • Cold Pressed

  • Raw & Unprocessed

  • Non HPP

  • Made to Order

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Gluten Free & Dairy Free

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