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What is the shelf life of the juice and how should I store it?

As our juices are cold pressed and undergo no treatment to preserve them, our juices will keep fresh in the fridge for 4 days and up to 6 months when frozen. When you receive your juices, place them in your fridge and consume within 4 days. For larger orders and juice cleanses, we blast freeze them so they will arrive to you frozen. Simply place them in your freezer and move them into your fridge to thaw 24 hours before consumption.

Are your products suitable for people with allergies?

Our juices are not suitable for celery allergy sufferers due to the nature of our production process.

All of our juices are gluten free but they are produced in an environment that handles gluten products, every care has been taken to ensure that there is no cross contamination.

We also work in an environment that may handle nuts from time to time. Please take your own necessary precautions.

What are the benefits of your juices vs shop bought juices?

Our products are made solely from fruit and vegetables making them high in nutrients and low in sugar. The way in which we cold press our juice leaves all of the nutrition intact, whereas other methods of juice production do not preserve these essential nutrients. Most shop bought juices undergo treatment such as pasteurisation and HPP leaving them devoid of most nutritional value. In addition to this, shop bought juices also contain stabilisers and other nasties to keep them fresh. We never add any such nasties or carry out any processing on our cold pressed juice – this makes us 100% raw!!

Why has my juice separated?

Because it’s natural! Sometimes our juice can separate, this does not impair the quality in any way – so just give it a shake. Most store bought drinks don’t separate because they have stabilisers added in. We prefer to shake our juices rather than add chemicals.

Are your juices suitable for kids?

Definitely and they will love them too! Our juices offer a delicious and healthy alternative to sugary, processed drinks. They contain a host of essential vitamins and minerals. You can find out what’s in each of our juices on the product pages. We also offer 1 litre sizes to keep in the fridge for the whole family to enjoy.

Where does your produce come from?

All of our ingredients are locally sourced where possible and our juice is pressed in Kent, the Garden of England.

Why do you use plastic?

Plastic is the best option for us at the moment as it allows us to deliver cold pressed juice to you with the minimal amount of packaging and breakages possible. It also allows you to freeze your juice for longer shelf life. We try to limit our use of plastic in other areas and when we do have to use it, we use recycled and recyclable PET. Most importantly – all of our bottles are BPA free! Please see our sustainability page to see what actions we are taking to becoming more environmentally friendly. 


Juice Cleanse

Why do a Juice Brewery Cleanse?

When our bodies become overloaded with toxins, it hinders our immune defences and may be linked to other health issues such as fatigue, bloating, allergies, skin breakouts, depression and ultimately this can lead to disease. Juicing is one of the best ways to rid your body of toxins and replenish it with nutrients. Juice cleansing gives your body a complete reset by giving your digestive system a break and kickstarting you into a healthier lifestyle. Cleansing and fasting are tools that have been used by humans since ancient times to not only release the toxins that have been building up in order to heal but also as a way to bring balance back into people’s lives.

How does a juice cleanse work?

Each Juice Brewery cleanse includes 5 X 500ml bottles of juice per day. You simply replace solid food with our Cold Pressed juices. You can choose the duration from 1, 3, 5 or 7 days. We recommend starting with a 3 day juice cleanse. We give you full instructions and everything you need to complete your cleanse.

Is a juice cleanse suitable for those on medication, the elderly, pregnant or whilst breastfeeding?

If you’re on medication, you should check with your doctor before beginning any juice cleanse. If you are elderly or pregnant, cleansing is not suitable, but adding juice to your daily routine is a great way to get added nutrients when you need it most.

Will I feel hungry, sick or light headed during a juice cleanse?

With 5 x 500ml bottles of juice a day most people find they’re rarely hungry on a cleanse. However, it can take a bit of adjustment. The most important thing to do is to listen to your body and if you feel tired – rest. You will also need to make sure that you drink plenty of water in between your juices as this will help with the cleansing process and ensure you keep hydrated. Each cleanse comes with a booklet that helps ensure you have the best experience possible and provides tips on how to minimise any side-effects. We’re here for support if you need us – you can call or email us at any stage!

How many days should I cleanse for?

This is up to you. If you have never cleansed before, you may want to start with a 3 day cleanse and work your way up. If you already live a healthy lifestyle or have cleansed before, you can opt for a longer cleanse.

Can I cleanse if I am lactose or gluten intolerant or vegan?

Yes! There are no animal or dairy products in our juice and they are 100% gluten-free and vegan.

Can I drink alcohol while on a cleanse?

Alcohol is a toxin and since the aim of our juice cleanse is to detoxify and maximise absorption of vitamins and minerals, choosing to drink alcohol during your cleanse will simply minimise its benefits.

Can I drink coffee on a cleanse?

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, we advise gradually weaning yourself off caffeine in the lead up to your cleanse as this will help to reduce the intensity of any detox symptoms. We do not recommend drinking any drinks containing caffeine during your cleanse.

Can I exercise while cleansing?

Yes you can but we generally advise that you avoid intensive exercise and instead focus on lighter activities. Listen to your body as only you can make this call!

How do I prepare before cleansing?

Before doing our juice cleanse, we advise reducing your consumption of caffeinated drinks, alcohol, excess salt, and refined, processed food. Instead, you should try to eat clean in the lead up to your cleanse, making the transition to cleansing easier.

Does it matter what order I drink the juices?

We give you a guide on which juices we believe are best at specific times but this is only a guide and you are free to choose what order to drink your juices in.

Can I drink anything else whilst doing my cleanse?

Yes! Hot water with lemon is a great way to start the day even when doing a cleanse. It is important to stay hydrated when doing a cleanse. We recommend drinking plenty of filtered water, coconut water and herbal teas throughout your cleanse.

What should I eat when I’m done with my cleanse?

We recommend eating small and easily digestible meals, nothing too heavy.

How often should I do a cleanse?

It’s totally up to you but we do recommend doing a quarterly cleanse for best results. For more tips on juice cleansing, see our ‘Tips for Cleansing


Shipping & Delivery

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver to most postcodes in mainland UK. If you’re unsure, contact us directly and we’ll look into it for you.

How long does it take to receive my order?

48 hour Nationwide delivery in the UK is available on all orders. We will be in touch to let you know the progress as all our juices are made to order.

Do I need to be home to take my delivery?

We don’t need you to be in to take the delivery, but we just ask you leave us with instructions of where we can leave your juices if you are not there. We pack your juices in an insulated box so they will stay chilled or frozen until you arrive home.

How much does delivery cost and is there a minimum order?

Delivery is free when you spend over £40 and there is a surcharge of £10 for orders under £40. We offer free local pick up from the the Red Lion Inn Car Park, Bridge and free delivery within CT1-CT4 areas when you spend a minimum of £20.

Can I cancel my order before delivery?

Yes you can cancel 48 hours before your order is due. Due to the nature of our business it is not possible for us to offer refunds for cancellations made less 48 hours before the delivery date.

What do I do if part of my order is missing or I receive damaged goods?

Please take a photo of your delivery and get in touch with our customer service team at hello@juicebrewery.co.uk within 24 hours.

I opened my package and the juices were partially thawed. What should I do?

Your juices are still perfectly good as long as there is mostly ice in the bottle. If there is ice in the bottle then your juice is still at 0-2 degrees and is safe to be consumed. If you’re planning to drink them in the coming days then store the bottles into your refrigerator, if you are not ready to cleanse simply place them in the freezer where they will keep for longer.


Corporate & Wholesale Packages

Do you offer corporate and wholesale packages at Juice Brewery?

Here at Juice Brewery we offer bespoke juice packages for offices and events in Kent. Occasions include wellness weeks, corporate retreats, industry conventions and PR gifting as well as providing healthy drinks options for your employees.

In addition to this we also offer wholesale packages to restaurants, farm shops and other outlets. We have a range that will suit most but please get in touch and we can discuss your needs. We offer branded and non branded options, simply send us your logo and we will do the rest.



What is your refund policy?

If you are not happy with any purchase you have made with us for any reason, please contact hello@juicebrewery.co.uk with your name, order number, purchased items, and the reason for requesting a refund.



How do I speak to your team directly?

You can contact our production manager at aj@juicebrewery.co.uk. We are open 7 days a week 24H.